Keeping Children Safe in Your Ministry and at Home

These past few weeks I have been burdened to review and bring more quality and control to the child protection policies at our church.  In light of all the recent news about the goings-on at Penn State it should serve as a stern warning to all institutions that child safety must be a top priority.

It is easy to get discouraged about a lot of things going on in society with regards to:

  • Chick-fil-a haters (who knew?)
  • homosexual marriage
  • abortion
  • and on and on

BUT the thing that I am thankful for, right now in our great country, is the hard-line stance it has taken when it comes to protecting our children.  I’m thankful that we live in a society that protects our children and takes every measure to prosecute those who seek to harm our children.

With that said, let me encourage PARENTS to talk to their children about evil and the fac that there are adults out there who are dangerous and want to harm them.  Don’t scare your children but warn them and encourage them to tell you when an adult asks them to do something strange or if they witness something unusual.  Also, check your state’s sex offender registry and know who is living around you!

For CHURCHES, make sure your church has a comprehensive child protection policy that includes screening and training volunteers and staff.  I highly recommend MinistrySafe as resource to help you and your ministry.  You might also want to check with you insurance carrier for resources.

Let me know if I can help.

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