No Condemnation – Romans 8:1

This semester I have the privilege of teaching through the entire chapter, verse by verse, of Romans chapter 8 to the Highlands Presbyterian Church College class on Sunday mornings.  One of the commentaries that I am gleaning much insight and wisdom from is D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones exposition of Romans. It is quite a work – in fact it is 14 volumes on the book of Romans that he preached for many years.

Below is a wonderful quote from Lloyd-Jones on Romans 8:1.

‘No condemnation’. ‘There is therefore now no’. ‘Therefore’, ‘now’, ‘no’ – what important words they are! The words remind us of our position now as Christians. Look at that word ‘no’ – ‘No condemnation’! What a statement! ‘No’ is a little word of two letters; but are we aware of its full meaning? It is entire, it is complete, it is absolute. In other words, Paul is saying that a Christian is a person who has been taken entirely outside the realm of any possible or conceivable condemnation.  The Christian has finished with the realm of condemnation; he has been taken right out of it; he has nothing more to do with it. There is no condemnation to the Christian ‘now’ and never can be! Have you realized that? Not only is the Christian not in a state of condemnation now, he never can be; it is impossible.

This news is simply GLORIOUS!

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