I have the privilege of being one of the preaching and teaching pastors at Highlands Presbyterian Church. I love it! I sometimes can’t believe I get to do this for a living.  One of the teaching opportunities that I get to have is the privilege of equipping parents to disciple their children according to the principles laid out in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  This Fall I will be teaching a six-week class called PARENT UNIVERSITY.  Please don’t be wowed by the name because I borrowed it from my dear friends at Perimeter Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.

This class is designed for parents of teens and pre-teens. During our time together we will learn to help navigate your teen in today’s culture through this six-week class.  We will deal biblically and intentionally with topics like:

  • Should I let my child date?
  • How do I know if my child is a Christian?
  • How do I parent in this “high-tech” world?
  • Am I doing everything to protect my child from pornography?
  • And other challenges that parents face during the teen years.

I believe, as my friend Paul David Tripp wrote, that the teenage years are not years for parents to just survive – but to thrive. The teenage years are an age of opportunity.  Please join me.

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