Wilson’s Weekly – Issue 7

Forgive me for not posting in a while.  Things have gotten pretty busy with having a 4th child, selling a home, and now trying to buy a home.  Here are a few interesting things to look at….

How to Miss a Childhood.  Thanks to my friends the Jones’ for pointing this out to me.  Great reminder of how we need to keep careful watch over our time with out spouses and children.

The Gospel Coalition. If you are not familiar with the Gospel Coalition, let me introduce you.  The Gospel Coalition is a fellowship of evangelical and reformed churches.  Their website: thegospelcoalition.org is worth checking almost daily.  You will find articles and blogs from some of the leading Christian thinkers and pastors that will encourage you daily in your walk with Jesus.

Speaking of The Gospel Coalition, here is a good article that reflects upon President Obama’s recent support for same-sex marriages: How to Win the Public on Homosexuality 

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